четвъртък, 5 ноември 2009 г.


Lutenitsa is Bulgarian, not Russian specialty, but I heard it was a very popular imported product in Russia during the Soviet times.It’s made in the end of the summer .The making has turned into a tradition here because It’s hand down from one generation to the next. Here are the instructions how to make your own homemade lutenitsa :
Necessary products and instruments:
• *15kg big red fleshy tomatoes;
• *10kg red pepper;
• *5kg eggplant;
• *1l oil;
• *1 coffee glass of salt;
• *2 coffee glasses of sugar;
• *large baking tin [which can keep around 25l];
• *an oar [it’s preferable to be longer];
• *fireplace;
• *meaty grinder;
• *cauldron where to boil the jars;
Way of cooking :
• Stage 1: First of all you have to bake the eggplant and pepper , then to peel them .Here comes the grinding .
• Stage2: Here is the tomatoes’s turn to get grind.
• Stage3: The main part begins with boiling the tomatoes .After the mixture gets thicker you have to start stirring it with uniform motion . You should keep stirring for 40 minutes.
• Stage4: At this stage you have to put the grinded eggplant and pepper into the mixture. Keep stirring till you notice that after the oat there is a trace and you can clearly see the bottom of the baking tin.
• Stage5: Now add the oil and keep stirring. You’ll see that after a few minutes the oat starts leaving the same traces like in Stage4, this is the moment when you add the salt and the sugar [which is supposed to remove the sour taste of tomatoes].
• Stage6: Here comes the funniest part – filling the jars .In this time the lutenitsa is the tastiest .
• Stage7: The last stage is sterilizing . The jars are in the cauldron ,which is full of water[it has to cover the jars]. They are boiling 15 to 20 minutes. Now your lutenitsa can still be delicious even in the beginning of the next summer .