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Name Days

-What is name day?

-In Bulgaria, people celebrate a special holiday of their names. People with same names, celebrate on the same day. That is a very famous holiday in Bulgaria, and everybody celebrates  it like a birthday. Bulgarian name days are:

Vasilyovden- 1 January
Vasiliov den is the day of Saint Vasilii. People called Vasil, Vasilka, Vasko, Vaska, Veska, Vesela, Veselina and Valcho celebrate their name day on 1 January.

Gergyovden- 6 May
6 May is the day of Martyr George Victorious who  killed a big monster. On this day Bulgarian families always eat lamb meat. People called George, Gosho, Joro, Gergana, Gergina, Gerga celebrate their name day on 6 May.

Dimitrovden- 26 October
Dimitrov den is the day of Saint Dimitar. And everyone with the name Dimitar, Dimitrina, Mita, Mitka, Mitko, Mitio, Dimo, Dima or Dimka celebrates Dimitrovden.

Ivanovden- 7 January
7 January is the day of Saint Ioan Baptist. People with the names Ivan, Ivana, Ivanka, Iva, Ivanina and Ivancho celebrate on 7 January.

Arhangelovden- 8 November
Arhangelov den is the day of Saint Mihail. Saint Mihail is an angel who always stands next to God. People with names Anglel, Mihail, Rangel, Raina, Radka and Milka celebrate their name day on Arhangelovden.

Yordanovden- 6 January
On this day Jesus Christ was baptized in river Iordan. And everyone one with the name Iordan, Iordanka, Dancho, Dana, Boian, Bogdan, Bogdana celebrates Iordanovden.

Atanasovden- 18 January
Atanasovden is the day of Saint Atanas. On this day people say: Go away winter, come summer! . Everyone with the name Atanas, Atanasko, Tasko, Nasko, Traiko, Jivko, Traian, Traiana, Traika has name day on 18 January.

Todorovden- On the Saturday of the first week of The Long Lent
Todorovden is the day of Saint Todor and it is famous as the day of the horse too. Saint Todor is the patron of the horses. People called Todor, Todorka, Teodora and Dora celebrate their name day on Todorovden.

Petrovden- 29 June
Petrovden is the day of two apostles. Their names are Peter and Pavel. On this day everyone with the name Petar, Pavel, Petya, Petranka and Pavlina celebrates his name day.

Andreevden- 30 November
Saint Andrei was a student of Jesus Christ and he is a brother of the apostle Petar. This holiday is famous in Bulgaria as Mechkinden too. People with names Andrei, Andreia and Adrian have name day on 30 November.

Enyovden- 24 June
This is the birthday of Saint Ioan and 24 June is very famous as the day of the Sun. People say that this is the day when the herbs are the most medicative. People with names Encho, Enyo,Yani, Yana, Yanka, Yanita, Yanko, Yancho.

Antonovden- 17 January
This is a traditional Bulgarian name day. Antonovden is the day of Saint Anton and everyone with name Anton, Andon, Antoniq, Antoaneta and Tonin celebrates on 17 January.

Vyara, Nadejda i Lyubov (Faith, Hope and Love) – 17 September
This is the day of the sisters Saint Vyara, Saint Nadejda, Saint Lyubov and their mother Saint Sofia. In English Vyara means Faith, Nadejda means Hope and Lyubov means Love. Women with names Vyara, Nadejda, Lyubov and Sofia have name day on 17 September.

Simeonovden- 1 September
This is the day of Saint Simeon. Bulgarians say that Saint Simeon comes with the fall. Everyone with the name Simeon celebrates on 1 September.

Nikulden- 6 December
Nikulden is one very importanat Bulgarian holiday. This is the day of Saint Nikola. He is the  patron of  fishermen, bankers and  sailors. On this day people in Bulgaria always eat craps. And this is the holiday of Burgas, our town. Everyone with the  name Nikolai, Nikola, Nikolina, Nikol, Nikoleta, Nina, Kolyo or Nana has name day on Nikulden.

Spasovden- 40 days after Easter
On this day Jesus Christ went to the sky. Everyone with name Spas or Spaska celebrates Spasovden.

Stefanovden- 27 December
20 December is the day of Saint Stefan. On this day people in Bulgaria don`t do any work at home. And people called Stefan, Stefka or Stefani celebrate their name day on 27 December.

Trifonovden- 14 February
Trifonovden or Trifon Zarezan is very famous as the day of the vines. Saint Trifon is  the patron of the grape and wine-producers. Men with name Trifon have name day on 14 February.